Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 299 – Ex-communicado.

  About 4.30pm yesterday all Telstra systems died in town.  Actually from north of Rockhampton including west.  All Telstra systems out.  This morning it was blue sky, sunshine and melting.  Now storm clouds enter our realm; whilst still melting.  Poor SE is getting hammered.  Crazy stuff.  I’m sure people are having a big case of dt’s from not being able to get on Facebook, Twitter, text, talk.  Or even get money out of the bank.  It’s just not happening.  So are we now too reliant on technology that we can’t go without it for a day?  The main thing is people in the disaster zones down south have communication, and stay safe.  Besides a little road closer up here, shelves clearing on the supermarket.  Mean portion controlled eating.  Now that has to be a good thing.  On a serious note hearts, and thoughts go to those in disaster zones, hope all stops soon. 


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