Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Behind the scenes: Postcard for you? Bagan, Myanmar.

  Amongst the ancient temple walls, in Bagan, enterprising children from the nearby village run out like mini Indiana Jones’.  Through the dust they follow tourist horse and cart, in hope of selling a postcard.  Now these aren’t your ordinary postcards.  They are ‘special’ ones drawn with great precision and carefully put in plastic, so the dust does not spoil them.  Down the track, high on a mound of dirt, tourist wait to get the perfect sunset shot of silhouetted temple, whilst kids take a break and look on.  The digital world is a fascinating one, or is it, what the heck are you taking a photo of that for? I see, and play in it every day!  Who knows but just for a spilt second photography fills their world. 

Photography wins over the curious minds; taking a break from selling postcards.

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