Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 210: Through the looking glass

When we look in the mirror, every so often we don’t like what we see.  Our clothes don’t fit right, that spot seems to be getting bigger on your forehead.  Oh sorry, closer inspection that is a thumb print – joking!  There are all sorts of mirrors in life, and you have to look at the best aspects in all.   Just like our Playschool TV show here in Australia, I looked through the round window today that just happened to be a mirror.  The sun was shining over the Nard, people where out enjoying lazing beside the lagoon, walking the waterfront.  Others were raising money for the last day of breast cancer (Pink Ribbon) month.  Running obstacle courses, boxing, and tug-a-war, there may have been the odd pink cup cake running around too.  Well when you’re burning all that energy surely you can have one.    I’m sure at some stage in our lives we will be touched by breast cancer, be it fighting against, supporter, researcher, or fund-raiser.  Let’s just hope the majority of us will be fund-raising to find a cure for a disease that affects us all, and the mirror will only reflect sunshine on those going through their battle. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 209: Bengal Tiger.

Hidden in tropical jungles and rainforests of the exotic south east, and top end; orange stripes flash around in the breeze.  Concealed by lemon and green camouflage of the Canna Plant, the Bengal Tiger stalks.  Waiting….waiting…for its prey to come, for the water to cool its hide….waiting.  Ok, so I’m not talking about the four legged tiger, but a flower; just thought I’d keep you guessing for a little bit.  I love how our fauna world takes on names from the animal kingdom when they have similarities in colour and characteristics.  This Bengal Tiger Canna Flower is orange, and does have stripes; I think that is where the likeness ends.  Besides they are a tad easier to feed, than a real tiger.  So as much as I would love a tiger as a pet, I will settle for this one.  

Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 208: Friday on my mind.

  Some people hale Friday as TGF day, and why not, it is at the end of the working week for most.  Time to sit down relax and just chill out.  One place on Cairns northern beaches you may see a few people relaxing on a Friday afternoon is Yorkeys Knob Boating Club over looking Half Moon Bay Marina.  Whilst sipping your $5.00 beer, you can admire the millions of dollars in boats sitting in their docks, without having to worry about their maintenance.  Also hoping that lotto ticket will win tomorrow night, we all have to have our dreams.  It is a great place to sit on the deck over the water, with the Coral Sea sending an afternoon sea breeze your way to cool things down.  All you have to do is appreciate the gorgeous view, with mountains, sea and spectacular craft, with cool bevies whatever that maybe and enjoy.   Hard I know but somebody has to do it – Happy Friday! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 207: Tropical Wonders.

 Hidden under the palms, or in the lush tropical gardens Heliconias often lurk.  Hanging down from their banana-like leaves or coming straight up from the ground.  Their beautiful colours certainly attract the eye, as you roam through a tropical garden.  Not native to the top end, but certainly prefers the warmer climate.  Their native homeland is Central and South America, and then they migrated to the Southern Pacific.  Hybrids where made from the original ones to get all the sorts of wonderful shapes, and colours that are available today to the budding gardener.   Or if you are like me, not such the promising gardener, you go to somebody else’s garden and enjoy them.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 206: Cruising through.

Remember when you used to make those little leaf boats and float them down the gutters, or a river during/after the rain?  Having a race with your friends and who made the better boat?  Because those leaf boats were very technical, stick in the centre with extra leaf to give it more power – go you good thing.  With the rain long gone the rivers are flowing beautiful and clear, but some of the boat races seem to be left behind, or they could be waiting for the next kids to come along and start the race off again.  Everything goes in swings and roundabouts! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 205: Rainforest Light.

 One of the great things about living in Cairns is that you don’t have to go too far to see something great.  We have wonderful mountains, foreshore, and rainforest just to name a few.  The botanical gardens and lakes area offer a great escape and you don’t have to travel too far from the CBD.  So if you are working in the city, it would only be a hop, step and a jump to go and have lunch there and gear up for the afternoon ahead.  Or a great place to recover in the afternoon.  Maybe you are one of those morning people that would enjoy a walk around there too, just don’t forget the mozzie spray.  This afternoon I was enjoying chilling out there and watching the light filter through the trees, great way to end the day.