Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 118 - Silver or Ice?

  Back in the world of macro were your imagination can run riot.  Silver molten bubbles escape from the frozen world created 24 hours ago.  Trapped in time until the sun slowly frees them to return to the world they once came.   Or to go back to the frozen depths of the insulated box to recreate more molten silver for another day.   If only it was that easy to create silver from ice, but it is fun trying.     

Monday, July 30, 2012

Latest News....

Thanks for your patience while I've been updated A Year Through the Lens.  Tomorrow is Day 118 and the end of Chapter four.  The year seems to be getting away, and starting to fly.  So have a great night, enjoy viewing the latest photos and I'll catch you tomorrow.

Love hearing from you so please leave your comments.

Happy snapping.

Michele :)

Day 117 - Why?

 Had a lapse in judgement last night or whether it was from catching up still from last week, and trip away.  I agreed to walking the Blue Arrow (a really silly bush walk that is about 2 hours long, up and down hills, through rainforest, sometimes looking at the Coral Sea) with my husband at o'clock early this morning.  Now this may come as a shock too many who know me, it just isn't done.  I really am still questioning myself, why?  However, what is done, is done so to speak, and the reward?  Well doesn't that mean I can have more chocolate today- yeah. 

Day 116 - Not a care.

  Ever looked up and seen the birds just hanging out on the wire, and wonder what's up?  Well, hopefully it's not a message from them as you look up; that has happened before.  I believe it is good luck.  I'm still waiting for the lotto balls to fall, or maybe I've well and truly had my luck because of a very special time in China again.  Think I will take that over lotto any day.  Just admire the little creatures when I next pass them walking down the street, or park.

Day 115 - Harvest moon.

 The cane season is well under way, and by all accounts and purposes this is proving to be a great year for the cane farmers.  It is about time their luck turned the tables a little.  With the devastating effects of cyclones, and the price of sugar dropping, it's nice to see things slowly turning around for them.  With no cyclone's last season the cane has been able to grow to its full potential, prices are slightly up.  You can only hope it continues again for them next season, and no gentle sea breezes pop along. 

Day 114 - Getting back on track.

Yorkeys Knob - North Queensland
After the last week and a half of rain in Kunming, and Honk Kong.  Even though missing everyone back in China.  It is nice to soak up the tropical winter again.  Water temperature wasn't too bad either to dip the toes in and not fall off from cold.  Mind you there were people swimming, shhhh,  I think they may have been from down south.  As long as they are enjoying it, that is the main thing.  Bring on the sunshine. :)

Day 113 - Home Sweet Home.

    Seriously, last night I could have kissed the concrete outside of the airport when we finally got out.  Not real clean I know, but hey I wasn't either after 48 hours.  So after much needed sleep of about 10 hours, it was great to go for a casual stroll on the Nard in the city.  Breathe in the fresh air, and hope my bag would turn up at some stage.  Two weeks of washing, that could be nasty if delayed too long.  Back home, end to a great day back on Aussie soil bag came at 6pm and all sweet with the world.  Can't get much better than that.

Day 112 - Finally.

Plane take me home....

   Through rain spatted tinted glass we viewed our plane to finally go home.  Whilst hours before going through heartache of watching our flight flit between the delayed/cancelled board to back on the main board again.  It was great relief to see we were scheduled for 3am departure (5am Aussie time).  Only to get to the gate, wait another hour.  Righto, don't care there is a plane at the gate, and crew waiting to board, yeah in business.  Pass boarding card over, flashes red.  What the?  It is ok madam we have put you in another seat.  Ok then heart settle down.  Sit a further two hours on the tarmac, that's ok still in the plane, got sleep.  Up, up and away - yeah!  Now nearing Brisvegas cause that's the way everything was rolling the pilot announces bad news; no baggage.  Well was a relief that was the only bad news, didn't care at this stage nearly home.  Finally after 9pm rolled out the Cairns Airport into fresh air for the first time in 48 hours; could have been worse.  But I'm glad it wasn't.  :)

Day 111 - Grounded.

Hong Kong Airport at stand still...

 Today, this morning should have been pulling into Cairns International Airport at 8.45am Aussie time.  Yet, here we sit with no announcements, no food, crowds, wind blowing, really fat rain falling and 9 1/2 hour wait to re-schedule flight from last night.  Yes, that is right 9.5 hours standing in one line without food again, waiting for two people to reschedule 100's of people's flights.  I'll be.  Can't say life is not an adventure.  The plus side and you always have to look at these, or you could slightly loose it and where will that get you?  There is a good reason not to fly in a Typhoon; you aren't going to make it best being on the ground.  So you're missing a little food.  Think of it as good start to weight loss you always said you are going to do.  Meet people you thought you never would, and share the funny side whilst waiting in a big line.  Well you have a few hours to kill might as well put them to good!  Trying to keep seeing the humorous side of a real .......... well you get the picture.  :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 110 - Hong Kong icon.

Star Ferry - Victoria Harbour; Hong Kong
With Typhoon Vincente starting to show its edges, the rain has certainly started to fall.  Feeling quite at home reminding me of the wet season with the 'fat rain'.  As the skies grew blacker I thought in all my wisdom, hey go on a Star Ferry over to Kowloon to kill some time.  These ferries are an icon in Victoria Harbour that started back in the early 1800's officially 'Star Ferries' in the late 1800's.  The only time they haven't stopped running is WWII when they stopped for 44 months.  So getting back to Hong Kong Island was no drama at all, all be a little wet from the gentle breeze and fat rain.  Nothing a good coffee, movie and good company didn't fix when got back to the island.