Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 112 - Finally.

Plane take me home....

   Through rain spatted tinted glass we viewed our plane to finally go home.  Whilst hours before going through heartache of watching our flight flit between the delayed/cancelled board to back on the main board again.  It was great relief to see we were scheduled for 3am departure (5am Aussie time).  Only to get to the gate, wait another hour.  Righto, don't care there is a plane at the gate, and crew waiting to board, yeah in business.  Pass boarding card over, flashes red.  What the?  It is ok madam we have put you in another seat.  Ok then heart settle down.  Sit a further two hours on the tarmac, that's ok still in the plane, got sleep.  Up, up and away - yeah!  Now nearing Brisvegas cause that's the way everything was rolling the pilot announces bad news; no baggage.  Well was a relief that was the only bad news, didn't care at this stage nearly home.  Finally after 9pm rolled out the Cairns Airport into fresh air for the first time in 48 hours; could have been worse.  But I'm glad it wasn't.  :)

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