Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 96 – Meet Annie.

Waiting for the children to turn up on Monday for camp, butterflies always hit the stomach.  The door slides open on the mini bus and out jumps Annie.  Runs over and gives me the biggest hug, made my heart overflow.    In 2010, I came to my second Bring Me Hope Summer Camp in Kunming China.  Annie came together with a group of other children and spent the week with my very cool roomie Kayla, and got to know her.    Annie hasn’t stopped smiling since she got off the bus she is a little champ at 10 years old now.  You really don’t realise the impact that one week have in these children’s lives.  The crazy things we do, dancing, singing, laughter, tears – yep there are few of them, and most of all love.  Happy days. :)

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