Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 302 – Morning mud.

 Cairns has a unique water front.  Its mangrove swamp and low tide the mud is exposed.  If you were to walk out into it.  Chances are you would sink to your waste.  That’s a fact.  Most people would be turned off by the low tide mud.  Yet every day hundreds of people flock to the waterfront.  To walk, run, watch the birds, and swim at the lagoon (man-made one minus crocs).  Low tide takes on new activity mud skippers doing their dance; shell’s dancing new patterns into the mud.  It’s a whole new world were a different kind of beauty can be found.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day 301 – Target acquired.

 Early bird gets the worm, or bug as the case may be here.  Low tide on the mud flats of the Esplanade.  Sandpipers were homing in on their targets.  Namely breakfast of bugs and crabs.   Very few escaped this hungry little fellow this morning.  He was getting in quick because at 7am it had already hit the 30s.  It’s been a hot week, and think going to continue past the weekend; yeah!  

Latest news...300 day mark

Time is marching on and reached milestone 300 day mark of A Year through the Lens... Only 65 days to go. Thanks for all your support and hope you continue to enjoy. Cheers Michele :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Behind the scenes: Postcard for you? Bagan, Myanmar.

  Amongst the ancient temple walls, in Bagan, enterprising children from the nearby village run out like mini Indiana Jones’.  Through the dust they follow tourist horse and cart, in hope of selling a postcard.  Now these aren’t your ordinary postcards.  They are ‘special’ ones drawn with great precision and carefully put in plastic, so the dust does not spoil them.  Down the track, high on a mound of dirt, tourist wait to get the perfect sunset shot of silhouetted temple, whilst kids take a break and look on.  The digital world is a fascinating one, or is it, what the heck are you taking a photo of that for? I see, and play in it every day!  Who knows but just for a spilt second photography fills their world. 

Photography wins over the curious minds; taking a break from selling postcards.

Day 300 – Only have eyes for you.


Ever get the feeling someone is watching you.  Doesn’t matter how small.  It’s just a feeling.  Apart from keeping eyes out for snappy handbags at the boat ramp this afternoon.  Birds flying around, and trying to capture them.  I felt those eyes.  Deep down in the mud flats they peered up.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught a quick glimpse.  Sometimes you just have to pay attention to the smaller creatures in the world.  They have just as much character as big ones.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Day 299 – Ex-communicado.

  About 4.30pm yesterday all Telstra systems died in town.  Actually from north of Rockhampton including west.  All Telstra systems out.  This morning it was blue sky, sunshine and melting.  Now storm clouds enter our realm; whilst still melting.  Poor SE is getting hammered.  Crazy stuff.  I’m sure people are having a big case of dt’s from not being able to get on Facebook, Twitter, text, talk.  Or even get money out of the bank.  It’s just not happening.  So are we now too reliant on technology that we can’t go without it for a day?  The main thing is people in the disaster zones down south have communication, and stay safe.  Besides a little road closer up here, shelves clearing on the supermarket.  Mean portion controlled eating.  Now that has to be a good thing.  On a serious note hearts, and thoughts go to those in disaster zones, hope all stops soon. 


Day 298 – Summer Storms.

 When we lived in the Gulf, over the flat Savannah plans you use to see the build-up of clouds explode into the sky.  On most occasions it would swing around the township, and not hit.  Sometimes they came to the party.  Here in Cairns the clouds creep over the mountains doing the same thing.  Teasing with distant thunder and showers over the mountains, yet not quite making it to town.  Doesn’t mean the clouds haven’t put on a performance though.  As we were all melting today?  Out in the cane fields whilst taking this shot.  A young guy ripping the dirt up on his motorbike stopped and said doesn’t that look unreal.  See you can appreciate nature and have fun at the same time.  Keep dancing clouds; we want to make the most of you.  Before the blue skies of winter set in.  Somehow, I think you’re here to stay for the next couple of months. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 297 – Australia Day.

Trinity Beach Qld Australia
  Today the sunshine came out to play on our national day of celebration.  Most people get a day off on Monday, so it is full on party mode for some.  Aren’t we lucky we can do that?  We don’t have to worry about legally having only one child.  Get jailed for 7 years; having a book opposing a government.  Sold to slavery by our families.  To sex trade, to keep other family members existing.  Live in a refugee camp since birth and now 18 + because of all sorts of reasons.  Yes, aren’t we lucky?  Our country is far from perfect, but we are fortunate to have a lot of things here.  But we have a long way to go.  Remember a lot of nationalities came together to form what we have today.  Celebrate we have the freedom to party, have free choices, and lets work together so others can have the same freedoms.  Happy Australia Day!