Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 86 – Upstream.

Feel like you are paddling upstream some days and getting nowhere.  The seconds pass, forming into minutes gone, that make up the hour that just swashed by.  The day gone; and you look back thinking what did I achieve?   The good thing though there is always tomorrow, and as long as you took baby steps to achieve the goal today, in all the days passing you’ll get there eventually. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 85 - Imagination be free.

 It is no secret that tend to go off the abstract wall every now and again.  Rainy days seem to do that to me and it seems to have followed us from the southern states.  Whilst this one may not be totally out there like day 8 and 14.  (Just a little then.)  I'm going to let your imagination run free and tell me what you think this one reminds you of.  Go on, what do you think?  Me, I'm going for "Storm clouds brewing" - the family is heading out for a walk hoping to get back before it hits.  PS:  No red drink was harmed in the making of this photograph :) 

Opening tonight...Frost over Barraba 2012

Tonight is the opening night of Frost over Barraba arts Festival.  If you are in the New England region (NSW) over the weekend or in Barraba tonight.  Please pop along and see the exhibition.  On show are many wonderful artist.   A big array of activities to do too.  Check out this website for a full programme.


Keep snapping
Michele :)

Day 84 - Sugar up.

The cane cutting season is well on its way.  The fluffy tops of cane are starting to blow in the breeze.  Ready for the cutter to swoop through, cut, collect in the tractor and onto cane trains.  When cane first started in this country it was intense hard labour.  A spectacular site bore witness to the start of the season with fields set on fire to rid of the rodents, rubbish before all cut by hand.  With the introduction of machines a controlled burn is a very rare thing to see.  At least you can still see the cool fluffy tops.  :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 83 – Rise ‘n’ Shine.

Mornings aren’t my favourite part of the day.  Go figure, I’m a night owl and in my youth I probably saw the sunrise from the wrong end of the 24 hour clock.  Now as a photographer, it is probably the best part of the day.  Beautiful light and a sense of calm.  So when I do see the sunrise I really appreciate them.  Even if it was frost/zero degrees driving to Melbourne airport.  The beauty beside the cold took the breathe away.  Maybe mornings should be my new project.

Day 82 – Reflections of a Grand Old Lady.

Maryborough Railway Station - Victoria

The central goldfields have striking buildings left over from the gold rush days and early settlement in the area.  Great to see that the best part still stand with pride from workmanship they were crafted.    Maryborough Railway Station built in 1890.   Wonderful example of the pride in building all those years ago; with the bonus of hidden treasures inside.  If you’re in that area go and check it out, plus the Devonshire tea isn’t too bad either.  Gives you a chance to check out the antiques, and sample a little bit of the local wine.  A whole lot of goodness rolled into one.  Fruit, dairy, what more can you say! :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 81 – Hidden treasures.

Inside Avoca Hotel Victoria

The outside facade of Avoca Hotel stands nearly as it did in 1870.  When diggers entered with dusty pants, woollen jumpers, and gold dust lining their pockets.  The front bar offering cold refreshing ale after a hard day out in the gold fields.  142 years later, a corridor of polish floor boards, gold walls, and chandler, leads you around the corner to stunning dining area.  With high ceilings, wooden tables, and brushed aluminium chandlers, oh and the food is pretty amazing too.  After a beautiful meal if you can still fit more in, the front bar still welcomes you on a cold day with open fire and cold beer on tap.  What more could you ask for?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 80 – Eureka.

 Grey skies, and icy cold winds blow through and around the streets, yesteryear buildings, of Ballarat.  The heart of gold fever in the 1800’s, and the infamous Eureka Stockade in 1854.  Where it is believed that democracy first started in this country.  Today Ballarat has many of the original buildings left that give the town its old world charm.  So that you are focused on the splendour of the amazing buildings instead of the mind numbing winter ice winds trying to snap freeze you.  Makes you appreciate the modern cons of fast heaters in the car, and spare a thought for those old diggers, they were tough buggers in more ways than one.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 79 – Cruising.

 It has often been said when travelling it isn’t the end destination that is the fun part.  Well, ok, sometimes it is.  But how you get there can add to the flavour.   The fresh air greeted us as we got off the plane in Melbourne today, dropping 20 degrees in three short hours of flying from Cairns.  Preparing us for the cooler weather of Central Victoria; Maryborough.  I love how the crisp air immerses the barren trees, with the sun as we drive along.  Can’t get enough of these ‘fresh’ winter skies and the silhouettes it produces.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Latest News....On the Road again...

Thank you to everyone for your support for Year Through the Lens.  Its been great, I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the series.  Love hearing from you, so please leave your comments.  

Tomorrow on the road again; heading back to Victoria, because didn't get enough of the cold first time around!  This time heading to Maryborough, in country Victoria - back to the history of the gold rush day towns.  

Also if you happen to be in the Tamworth region, head out to Barraba for Frost over Barraba weekend.  I feel very honoured to be asked as a guest artist and have my pioneer series on exhibition.  There is a great programme on offer, with plenty to do and see.  Starts Friday 29th June and finishes on Sunday 1st July 2012.  For a full list of weekend events, please check out the Frost over Barraba website: or their Frost over Barraba Facebook Link.

Happy snappy and have a great weekend.

Michele :)

Day 78 – Bubble World.


Sitting on the velvet surface of nature’s garden.  The water bubble is contained within its own protected world.  Nothing can hurt it until outside influences tip the balance and change the structure.  Until then it will remain safe, calm, and whole. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 77 – Quietude.

  Water cascades over the rocks.  Rouge leaves block the smooth path to the waterhole.  Splashes of water flick upon the rocks to keep the moss moist in rainforest heaven.  Sitting around as the water falls down its path a sense of calm takes over.  Takes you away just for a few minutes of inner peace in a busy world.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 76 – Shrouded Wonderland.


The sun twinkles down on the glassy surface of the pond.  Below the depths, amongst the water weeds, air bubbles escape to the surface.  Turtles pop up for a look around, and may have a friend riding on their backs.  If you wait long enough you may catch a water fairy coming up to lie on their lily pad water bed catching the twinkling rays. Anything is possible. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 75 - Afternoon bake.

Exposed mud flats by the low tide, offer the perfect mud bake to catch the afternoon rays.  Nothing like the winter sun on your back, whilst keeping an eye out for what is popping up for dinner.  While trying to keep an eye out for something else that might have him for dinner (snappy handbag).  Who would have thought catching the afternoon rays could be such a hazard.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 74 – Burning embers.

 Incense have been around since the start of time in one form or other.  With the burning of pine and nettles put on the fires to take away the odours.  It is thought that the earliest known use of incense was in Ancient China.  During rites for formal ceremonies.  An incense and spice route was set up between China and ancient Babylon where frankincense was treated more valuable than gold.  Incense now comes in a range of aromas’, and the best thing is if you want frankincense you don’t have to take out a bank loan.