Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 330: Glass break.

 Last day of summer and the waters around Cairns were glass.  Clouds silently building on the horizon, over the tranquil waters, waiting….waiting to give us yet more rain.  Over a meter (approx 40 inches) has fallen in the last few days.  Don’t think we will be watering the garden for a while.  Nonetheless, the elements were definitely putting on a captivating show today.  Sun filtering through the cloud mass, trying it’s best to break through; yet still not quite getting there.  Where it did reach, the water glowed with reflections off the clouds.  While dry from the rain, the sweat poured from the heat, who really minds though when you can look at this.

More Video Clips available....

Chapters five and six have now been set in a video clip for you to look at so check them out, and revisit your favourite images over the past 329 days....enjoy.

Chapter Five - A Year through the Lens

Chapter Six - A Year through the Lens

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Michele :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 329: Water ballet.

  Rain, rain, rain, some sunshine would be unreal right about now.  This is a case of you really have to make the most of it, when it has been hanging around for the last four days.  So the Wii Fit, and Just Dance going off like a frog in a sock.   Enter the ‘water ballet’; rain droplets have danced the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and all the other famous ballets you could think of.   I do believe that they are now creating their own ballet, with this rain expected to hang around long into the week.  So the positives of all this, Wii is getting a great workout.  Plus when was the last time you jumped in a deep puddle, no shoes, and just enjoyed the rain on your face?  Stay tuned may be doing that if this continues!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 328: Rain collector.

Nature is one amazing feat that never ceases to amaze me, and that is why I love taking photos of it.  It often imitates art too, like our Broadway star back on Day 215.  Today, I found another star; rain collector, or maybe she was just setting up for dinner, for the kids when they got home.  Either way I thought our lady with the very elegant hat won hands down.  Ok, so may have spent too much time inside at present but if you have been following you know that my imagination is an overactive one.  It also hasn’t stopped raining for the last three days.  In one 24 hour period we had over 200mm of rain, so maybe a tad over the wet season.  Regardless it is always amazing to discover one natures little wonders.   

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 327: Windmill Twilight.

  A very widespread sight, especially when you head for the hills and beyond; is the windmill.  Now gigantic windmills litter the fields in Ravenshoe to give us power.  However; the original windmills that station /farm owners alike used were in their paddocks to pump water from the ground for stock in the arid countryside, and some still do.    The Southern Cross banner at the side is a very familiar site on most of the windmills seen throughout Australia.  The company first started making them in 1876, and it was mainly constructed of wood back then.  It wasn’t until 1903 the first geared windmills appeared on the scene.  Many can still be found in paddocks scattered over the countryside and outback.  It will remain a synonymous icon of the Australia Outback with the sun sinking behind it for years to come. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 326: Middle Earth Comes Alive.

 Crouched down, in a ball, fingertips tap together.  The brow is drawn, as the mind ticks over, tick, tick, tick.  Where can I put that precious, precious ring?  No-one is to have it but me, it’s mine, all mine.  No haven’t totally turned the bend but could be on the cards if this heavy rain continues.  Days like this you have to turn the creative side of the brain on.  Enter oil, water, light and coloured cardboard into the equation and you get middle earth.  Or whatever your imagination conquers up from this image.  Let your imagination run wild and come up with your own story, or save it for a rainy day!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 325: Moods of the Pyramid.

  Rising up from the depths of the earth, looms a massive triangle form.  Driving from the south it is a sign that you are almost home.  Standing at the base, if you have the bad sense you are going to walk up it is daunting task ahead.  Reward on the peak is the most spectacular view of the Cairns region, and yes you can have that extra chocolate up the top, because man, you have earnt it.  Nature engulfs the Pyramid in many facets, and today she had a storm building all around her with top hiding from the rest of us at ground level.  Playing peak a-boo.