Friday, July 29, 2011

A Year Through the Lens - Chapter 10 is now on You Tube....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Wishing all the Mum's out there a very special day and hope you are having an awesome time.

Day 35 of a Year Through the Lens was a very special day spent with two mum's last year and their love from their children was priceless.  Look carefully in the bubbles for the hidden treasures.  Happy Mothers Day  :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chapter 9 - A Year Through the Lens

December 2010 the clouds were starting to build and the 'wet season' was upon us.  So after a couple of weeks of 'tropical' weather it was time to hit the cool temperatures of the southern states.  Check out the latest instalment.....

Chapter 9 - A Year Through the Lens

Kind regards
Michele :)

Chapter 8 - A Year Through the Lens

With 2011 flashing by it is hard to know where all the time is going?  Must be old age.  Not too worry whilst I'll have to admit I'm going through withdrawals of not doing 'A Year Through the Lens' shot everyday it is fun to look back over some favourites and plus keep track of the year and what I got up too.  Here is the latest instalment on YouTube the final chapters are coming up, so stay tuned....

Chapter 8 A Year Through the Lens - December 2010

Kind regards
Michele :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 365: Last one.

 A Year Through the Lens started on a wet day so I guess it is only fitting that it finishes on a wet day.  Although, thought I’d give you a little different perspective on Cairns, than the Esplanade which was the foundation.  I seriously don’t think Cairns can get any greener and trust me there is no colour boost in this photo it is all natural.  The landscape is a green fingers oasis at the moment, even for somebody that can’t grow anything I’ve achieved great heights this wet season.  It has been an amazing year of travel through China, Hong Kong, and all states of Australia bar Tassie, and ACT.  The first three months alone travelled 18,782kms.  Lucky travel and photography is both my love and passion.  Thanks for all your support through the year and I hope you have enjoyed this trip as much as I have.  At the moment, cooking up some new projects so stayed tuned because later in the year off to a couple of very, very special destinations.   I really can’t wait to share those with you, so keep checking back for updates.  Thanks again. Michele :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 364: Out of the flames.

  A lonely bloom emerges from the flowering flame.  Waiting, waiting, it can be lonely on your own.  Waiting; for the rest of the clan to arrive.  Blowing in the breeze hoping your stem will hold out until there is a whole bunch.  Attracting the butterfly or bee could aid the others coming to life, and reach their full potential.  Colour beams out as the sunlight glistens off your petals.  The waiting continues, and as the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait’.  So continue to shine your colours through even though you may be on your own.  You never know who you inadvertently help along the way.  

Day 363: Hidden Treasures.

  Around the corner another treasure is discovered through the garden bed of flowers.  Old water pumps that were once a lifeline to the farmer that lived on the land now are a decorative feature in a beautiful garden.  Aged boots that walked for miles take up a permanent stationary position with a new plant taking shape within their walls.  Rosellas’ rummage around the base to get the last of the seed from this morning’s breakfast, others waiting in the branches above to see if more seed will come.  A well established garden has many hidden treasures that over the years have been placed, forgotten and now blend as part of the landscape of the garden.  To be admired, to be treasured by those around them. 

Day 362: The Gillies.

 A short cut to get up to the beautiful Tablelands but also has about 200 odd corners.  Within a distance of 19km you climb up over 1000m. The Gillies Highway certainly is an amazing feat of engineering but I wish they could have ironed out a few of those corners.  When it was first built it was one way and operated with boom gates at the top and bottom.  In the Mountain View Hotel right at the bottom they still have times up on the wall when you could travel up and when you could come down.  It is a mecca for motorbike riders and placed high on the ‘to do’ list of roads in Australia.  The road hugs the volcanic rock cliffs as it starts another bend through the rainforest at the bottom to the gum trees at the top.  Not a road to travel if you get motion sickness although if you ‘tablet up’ you’ll have no problems and it is worth the view.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 361: Old tin shed.

  What would man do without his shed?  His hide away from the world where he can immerse himself in ‘man world’.  Great things happen in man world; hot rods get built, more times than not there is a fridge with refreshing drinks held captive.  Bikes get fixed and if said man is lucky enough has TV and armchair just ‘cause he can.  Yes, great things happen in an old or new shed alike and it can also be a place of refuge.  He can do all the things he wants to do in that shed with no problem of the repercussions because that is ‘man world’ and enter at your own risk!  

Day 360: Industry.

Behind many a barb wire fence lays the industry of Australia.  Be it sugar, coal, electricity, manufacturers etc we rely on industry to contribute to the running of our country and export overseas.  One industry I particularly lean towards, I’d have to say would be the wine industry, would you believe that all started back in 1860s.  I think the wine makers were drinking a little bit too much of the product they made over that time.  The actual industry didn’t really kick in until 100 years later.  The 1960s started to see Australia etch on maps for good wine makers; and the rest they say is history.