About Me

Photo by Ewen Bell
In the early years, my first camera was a groovy Hanimex with a 110 film, graduating to a Kodak disc camera.  Well, they were all the rage in the 80’s.  Then towards my late teens I bought my first SLR Cannon. 

From my first SLR there was no stopping me, and combined with my love for travel of Australia and overseas.  Working as secretary, in Sydney, my motto was “work to travel and take photos’.   Travelling the east coast of Australia, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Asia. 

When I married my husband in the late ninety’s our adventure took us to Brisbane and then onto a small town in the Gulf of Carpentaria – Karumba, Queensland.  This is where Savannah Photography was born.    

Karumba, holds some of natures most wonderful palettes – spectacular sunsets over the Gulf.  Through a RADF grant I compiled ‘Gulf Imagery’.  A booklet for tourist to take home some of the magic to share with others.

Now living in Cairns, Far North Queensland begins another chapter.  Taking my self-taught techniques and mentoring from another professional photographer - Wayne Parkinson. I have been able to polish up skills through James Cook University – Certificate of Photography.  The recent edition is a Diploma in Journalism for Photography and Travel Writing. 

Nothing beats getting out into our wonderful country capturing images to share with you.  I hope my passion is contagious and this inspires you to travel to places you have never been or just take you away for a few moments to relax from your busy day.  My motto is enjoy the journey because it is just as exciting as the destination.