Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 365 – It’s a wrap.

 The very last day of 'a Year Through the Lens'.  A photo taken each day, wherever I have been.  Here in our own backyard of Cairns, QLD, Victoria, NSW, WA, TAS, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand.  It has been an adventurous year, and a year of many challenges.  Australia and OS has many wonderful pockets to see and visit.  Crystal Cascades only 20min from CBD nestled in the foot of the mountains is a beautiful place to hang out in the heat of the day.  Light filtering in through the rainforest as blue dragonflies and orange butterflies pass through.  Thank you for your wonderful support during the past year, your comments, and likes.  It definitely helped to keep me going and get you something new every day.  Now, it's time for a new project; so enjoy and big thank you. :)

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