Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 268 – Backstreets.

 Bangkok, some of you may have only seen it in Hangover movies.  While you can probably find that side of Bangkok.  Some of the magic is exploring the side streets that engulf you as you walk further down the lane.  Produce, shops, restaurants, all line in the hidden treasures of the paved roads.  It makes part of the heartbeat of the city.  That keeps it moving, and you are always guaranteed to see some unique things.  Pretty remarkable.

Day 267 – Transit.


Travelling often involves a lot of time spent in the air, road, tracks, and paths to get somewhere.  We all get excited about the end destination but sometimes it’s about getting to that destination which is half the fun.  Most of the day was spent in the air.  Nine hours later, change the clock back by 3 hours and you land in Bangkok.  Surprisingly quick customs clearance, bag pick up and straight to airport car service.  Last time in Bangkok, the taxi didn’t quite work out so, went the other option. BMW nice, and cruising down road at 140km not too bad.  Now, staying at this beautiful little hotel on the river near Royal Palace, and whilst the driver got instructions.  Sometimes the best laid plans, well…   We spent the hour trying to find the district and hotel.  So, after travelling all day you could get upset BUT what is that going to do.  The Thai people are so beautiful.  Trees lining the roads are lit up like fairy land, and laughing with driver.  He can’t speak much English my Thai, is worse than my Mandarin.  Plus my drawing representing a boat on the river (hotel near river) well I’m no Picasso.   So laughter and after driver asking lots of people, last a policeman we got there.  The joy on both our faces when we pulled up to hotel was priceless.  You just need to breathe and enjoy the moment. 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 266 – River City.

  After the devastating floods a couple of years ago.  Brisbane is getting back on its feet along the river.  City lights bounce off the river at night, as people soak up the atmosphere of Southbank.  On a summer’s night people are still swimming at the “beach”; although coming from the north that could be a wee bit chilly.  Nevertheless a great way to pass the time and have fun without the sunburn.  One of those beautiful summer’s night when the temperature is perfect for a stroll along the river.

Behind the Scenes...

Christmas day; Two dogs, dress ups, props, host of family and friends, Christmas cheer.  What could possible go wrong with getting a picture of two puppies on Christmas day?  Love working with animals it sets the challenge and when you work with two cuties, it is a bit hard not to have a fun, and get into the giggle loop.  :)

Day 265 – Merry Christmas.

Mwah…. It’s all about the love, sharing and caring on Christmas day.  Flame and Ella’s first Christmas and they had a ball playing with all their new toys.  Ella loved her dress ups as Santa’s helper.  Flame not so sure, but one thing is for sure these two puppies are not short on love.  Hope you have had a wonderful Christmas day spent with family and loved ones.  Merry Christmas everybody.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Latest news...

Wishing everybody a very very Merry Christmas tommorrow.  May it be filled with fun, love and laughter with those people you hold dear to you.

Cheers Michele xoxo :)

Day 264 – Eve setting.

  Christmas Eve 2012 is about to come to an end.  The milk and bikkies are under the tree waiting for Santa and his reindeers.  Hopefully all the kiddies are tucked in bed sound asleep.  If not, well maybe that means a sleep in the morning.  Can only wish!  It is the one day in the year my niece’s when younger were able to wake their aunty at the crack of dawn.  Didn’t want to miss out on all the excitement.  Don’t think it will no matter how old I get.  Christmas is one of those special times to give, and be with loved ones.  Sleep well, and tomorrow have a very very Merry Christmas. 

Day 263 – Skyline.

 Believe it or not in Cairns we don’t get that many storms.  Yes, the gentle sea breezes come but as far as thunder and lightning go we don’t have many shows in summer, unlike Darwin, Karumba, and the southern part of Australia.  So when you see the clouds build up in Brisbane after a warm day you generally get a bit of a light show.  Today was just part of the build-up but dark clouds are looming over the river city so you never know might get one while here.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 262 – Arghh…

Santa has just realised that there are only three more sleeps till he starts delivering presents to all.  So whilst he has had a lovely time sitting in the Myer window of the Brisbane mall.  He has now realised he has to get the skates on and make sure the elves have got all his deliveries ready to go.  It is a big job flying all over the world, but made easier by a lot of helpers.