Friday, December 28, 2012

Day 267 – Transit.


Travelling often involves a lot of time spent in the air, road, tracks, and paths to get somewhere.  We all get excited about the end destination but sometimes it’s about getting to that destination which is half the fun.  Most of the day was spent in the air.  Nine hours later, change the clock back by 3 hours and you land in Bangkok.  Surprisingly quick customs clearance, bag pick up and straight to airport car service.  Last time in Bangkok, the taxi didn’t quite work out so, went the other option. BMW nice, and cruising down road at 140km not too bad.  Now, staying at this beautiful little hotel on the river near Royal Palace, and whilst the driver got instructions.  Sometimes the best laid plans, well…   We spent the hour trying to find the district and hotel.  So, after travelling all day you could get upset BUT what is that going to do.  The Thai people are so beautiful.  Trees lining the roads are lit up like fairy land, and laughing with driver.  He can’t speak much English my Thai, is worse than my Mandarin.  Plus my drawing representing a boat on the river (hotel near river) well I’m no Picasso.   So laughter and after driver asking lots of people, last a policeman we got there.  The joy on both our faces when we pulled up to hotel was priceless.  You just need to breathe and enjoy the moment. 

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