Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 156 – Lighting Ridge Stonehenge?


Outside the town limits of Lighting Ridge, the Green Door drive, snakes it way through opal leases to a rise that overlooks mining claims in the valley below.  Amongst the leases is this incredible stonework.  The brilliant reds, oranges and whites shine through the rocks as the sun sets.  I’ve yet to figure out the story behind it,  but when I do I’ll let you know.  There has to be a story for it somewhere.  At the moment I’m settling on Lighting Ridge Stonehenge!

Day 155 – Victoria Hotel Goondiwindi.

 In a country town almost always on a crossroad in the main street you will find one of those watering holes.  That if walls could talk, tall tales would be told.  The ‘Vic’ hotel started out as single story, shingled building that people use to ride their horses to.  It was said some rode their horses in and lassoed themselves a drink.   In the 1956 flood a gentleman took his boat into the bar.  Well I guess he couldn’t miss happy hour!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 154 - On the road.

  Sometimes getting to a destination, you have to take time out and enjoy the scenery flashing by at a 100km an hour!  Central Queensland has the wide open plans, the cotton fields, sandstone cliffs, lone trees.  You name it, it has it.  Or slowly climbing up a hill you get the tree, sandstone cliffs and a magic view, altogether,  you hit the breaks for, and just enjoy.

Day 153 – Nature’s Beauty.

 Well we may not have been able to camp there but! (since found out if we had kids and where there in QLD school holidays; Easter, winter spring we could.  Not even going to go there – think of bubbles) Anyways….Carnarvon Gorge is one of those spectacular places to put on the travel list.  Located in Central Queensland, nature trails head high and low, and walk through the gorge will take you through some spectacular countryside.  We only got to see a little bit of it a 10km hike along the bottom of the gorge took us to the amphitheatre.  Towering cliffs of sandstone shelter the velvet moss growing at ground level.  It truly is amazing what the elements can do over thousands of years.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 152 - Camping Closed for Business.

Excited about arriving at Carnarvon Gorge National Park.  Image our surprise when we arrived and you can’t camp there.  Shock horror Qld National Park & Wildlife.    A perfectly good camping ground hot showers, yet a big ‘no access’ on the gate to the camp ground.  Such is life and the way it goes.  Only 8km down the track is a privately run campground, with sites for $35 unpowered, and cabins etc; so when you are nearly 150km from anywhere you go with the flow.  Only ‘we don’t want your rooftop tent near our trees’ was my greeting when booking in.  Again such is life; let’s go with the flow and, no sir only staying one night ‘thank you’.   Joys of travel but when you come across the calm river you take a big breathe and enjoy the scenery with red drink or bubbles in hand! :)

Day 151 – Charters PO 1898.


Charters Towers lies 130km west of Townsville and was the centre of gold rush in that area in the late 1800’s.  At the height of the gold rush era it was Queensland’s second biggest town.  It still has a lot of the old buildings left over from an era gone by, and it is great to see them in such good condition.    I’m sure if the walls could talk at the local PO and pub there would be a few ‘interesting’ tales spinning around.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Latest News...

On the road again... bound for adventure on the Just 4 Kids Car Rally hitting the red centre of Australia. So keep an eye out we will be travelling through some amazing parts of central Australia, and hitting north end of Flinders Rangers and bottom end Lake Eyre; oh and that 'little' rock in the middle - Uluru. With that, may come some reception 'issues' but be assured taking a photo everyday for you and post when I can....... :)

Day 150 - In Memory.

  We are in for an exciting month of travel in the Red Centre.  Raising funds for the Just 4 Kids charity and seeing some amazing countryside and playing in my favourite place of Oz - the Outback.   I thought it was very important to take time out.  To pay respect; to the five diggers that lost their lives in Afghanistan only two days again.  It was our darkest day since the Vietnam War.    Our hearts going out to their families, friends, and colleagues mourning their loss.  May they rest in peace.  Lest we Forget.