Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 281 – Rooftop delights.

  After saying goodbye to Myanmar :(. We hit the bright lights of Bangkok.  Following fast in the footsteps of Hong Kong and Singapore.  Mixing the East with West.  I find it one of the hardest cities to get around but that also adds to the adventure; and practise makes perfect.  I think it is the length of time sitting in traffic gives you time to ponder on what direction to take.  Then you find the Skybar on 63rd floor; hello cocktails.  Some may recognise this bar from Hangover II movie, and isn’t there a cash in value from that.  For USD17 you can have your Hangovertini, including sprig of rosemary; seriously don’t know ingredients, but tasted ok.  Pretty pricy for Asia but worth the amazing view.  Then just down the street you can have dinner and beers included for less than 3 dollars.  Whilst it is great to have a cocktail high above the city skyline.  The real Bangkok is down in the streets, it’s the people, markets, bargaining, tuk tuks, list goes on.  Progress is progress but hope this part never changes it’s what I love about the city.

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