Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 111 - Grounded.

Hong Kong Airport at stand still...

 Today, this morning should have been pulling into Cairns International Airport at 8.45am Aussie time.  Yet, here we sit with no announcements, no food, crowds, wind blowing, really fat rain falling and 9 1/2 hour wait to re-schedule flight from last night.  Yes, that is right 9.5 hours standing in one line without food again, waiting for two people to reschedule 100's of people's flights.  I'll be.  Can't say life is not an adventure.  The plus side and you always have to look at these, or you could slightly loose it and where will that get you?  There is a good reason not to fly in a Typhoon; you aren't going to make it best being on the ground.  So you're missing a little food.  Think of it as good start to weight loss you always said you are going to do.  Meet people you thought you never would, and share the funny side whilst waiting in a big line.  Well you have a few hours to kill might as well put them to good!  Trying to keep seeing the humorous side of a real .......... well you get the picture.  :)

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