Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 360 – Not many calories?

A friend posted a salty caramel Easter egg rocky road.  For the love of cooking it wasn’t a question of would I make it, but when.  Easter bunny gathered all the chocolate, caramel eggs, marshmallows, brazil nuts, cranberries, pistachio nuts and put it all together, with pinch of salt on top hence the salty caramel.   So wondering if Easter is like Christmas and calories don’t count?  Or I’ll just stay in my dream world (for next two days) pretending to myself it contains 3 food groups; dairy, fruit, protein, so got to be good for you.  :)  PS:  Recipe came from Not QuiteNigella Blog if you want to check it out, my added extra crushed pistachio nuts on top. :)

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