Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 342 - Riding High.

 Not far from the mouth of Swan River lies in the Indian Ocean a little oasis called Rottnest Island.  Turquoise waters, limestone cliffs, and infamous quokkas hangout at Subway.  Bikes weave in, out and across the island.  May I mention at this point, there are a lot of hills on this tiny island.  10km on a bike felt like 90km :).  Then there is the 'adventure ride' in a small boat to circum navigate the island.  Did I mention small boat, large seas with 2.5 - 3m swell and cross winds, seat belts fastened, armed with two 300hp Mercs, crew smiling, it was hold on and lets go.  I've only lost my wits about me and went into shock once in last 12 months it was on a wee little 4WD track in the Victorian High country with sheer drops either side of the vehicle, going down.  This was probably no different.  When you hear the engines come out of the water after the wave you have just gone over and about to descend into another wall of water, no blue sky to be seen; OMG.  BUT what a ride, once started to breathe again it was amazing, and when we got to the calm side of the island it was like, can we do it again......awesome.  Rottnest Island is worth more than a day trip.  Next time it would be nice to stay a couple of days, and try and find one of those bikes with engine.  :)

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