Sunday, March 17, 2013

Behind the Scenes; Margaret River WA.

 Ever had one of those ‘oh dear’ moments!  It happened on day 340 whilst visiting the Margaret River area.  The wineries, micro-breweries, chocolate houses are some of the manmade treats in the area.  Nature gives you the beautiful beaches and country side.  She also throws up those rogue waves whilst visiting Margaret River Beach.  Wide angle lenses really get in there.  Sometimes you have to get a little closer, not sooo close that a wave is going to take you back out into the Indian Ocean.  As I said ‘oh dear’ on the last shot, whilst scrambling down the wet slippery rocks, kelp, foot twisting, wave coming around the corner, slipping, holding on to said camera, and still remaining upright.  Heart beating out of my chest; still had camera in hand that was main thing all be me a little wet.  As I make my way back to hubby waiting on the beach.  He couldn’t understand why I high tailed it.  I apparently missed the best shot!  Will just have to live with the one that got away!  This time chose the camera from a salt bath, and yep I may have said something other than ‘oh dear’ but this is a ‘g’ rated show.  

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