Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 30 – Secret Locales in High Places.

Top pools of Wentworth Falls
  Trees encase the rocky dirt track that lead off to the right.  Blackberries, brittle tall grass help shroud the track long ago used, as it collects the bottom of the vehicle.  The walls of nature close in further as we go a wombat hole in the middle of the road adds another obstacle.  Finally the track opens to a dirt turning bay, and a very minuscule walking track starts down the steep, rocky embankment.  You can hear the water, but it is yet to be seen through the blanket of bush.  Water starts to sparkle through the trees and the stringy barks, rocks protect its edges before it plummets off the cliff in dramatic form.  On the top of the falls tranquil pools play in the filtered sunlight.  We were only half way through the day, when we found this magic spot.  It really isn’t about the destination; it’s about the adventure you have finding secret treasures along the way.

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