Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 315 – On trying road.

 Light rain has fallen like salt and pepper over the ranges today.    Yonder, there, and everywhere but here.  The fat rain of the wet season has eluded us.  Thus far.  It is so nice when the fat rain hits.  You can’t here the TV, because it’s so loud on the tin roof.  Don’t bother with an umbrella cause it’s sideways rain.  Well it falls that fast you get wet anyway.  But it’s not cold so it’s ok.  Almost halfway through the last month of summer, predictions are there could be some gentle sea breezes at end of Feb early March.  Then again they also said the rain would come January.  So I guess the clouds will continue down trying road, and perhaps one day the fat rain will come.  Because there is nothing like dancing in the rain. :)

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