Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 309 – Dawning of a new era.


There are always two sides to a story, and everyone has their right to their own opinion.  That is the beauty of living in Australia. What we have to do is remember to respect that point of view.   So please take time to hear this side of story of our professional fisherman and the new ‘exclusion’ zones.  Our food does not automatically come wrapped in plastic.  It comes from our primary producers.  I got to know the beautiful Davey family when we were living in Karumba, along with a lot of other professional fisherman.   Some very interesting characters.  (Never knew you could play coconut football in a pub but there you go).  At the end of the day they all had one goal in mind; sustainable fishing to keep it going for generations.  Let’s hope that future can continue.  For more please watch this clip:  Drawing the Line

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